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This page needs to be proofread.

Thereupon Vaisravana, one of the four rulers of the cardinal points, said unto the Lord : I also, O Lord, will pronounce talismanic words for the benefit and weal of those preachers, out of compassion to them, for their guard, defence, and protection : a/7e na#e vana//e anaafe, n&afi kunaafi svdhfi 1 . With these spells, O Lord, I shall guard those preachers over an extent of a hundred yo^anas. Thus will those young men or young ladies of good family, who keep this SfltrAnta, be guarded, be safe.

At that meeting was present Virdhaka, another of the four rulers of the cardinal points, sitting sur- rounded and attended by hundred thousands of myriads of ko/is of KumbhA;^as. He rose from his seat, put his upper robe upon one shoulder, lifted his joined hands up to the Lord, and spoke to him as follows : I also, O Lord, will pronounce talismanic words for the benefit of people at large, and to guard, defend, protect such preachers as are qualified, who keep the Sfltrinta as mentioned ; viz. aga»e ga«e gauri gandhiri £a#dali mdtangi pukkaii sankule vrtisali svihi 2 . These talismanic words, O Lord, have been pronounced by forty-two hundred thou- sand myriads of ko/is of Buddhas. All those Buddhas would be offended by any one who would attack such preachers as are qualified.

Thereupon the giantesses called Lambi, VilamVd 3 ,

Burnouf has a//e ha//e na//e, &c.

The list in Burnouf differs but slightly ; a. g. g. gandhiri k&nd&M m. pukkasi s. vrulasisi s. Vrusali or rather vrusali must be the Sanskrit vri'shalf. Gauri, A!a«</alikd, Mdtahgi are known from elsewhere as epithets of Durg& ; Pukkast and Vr/shali denote nearly the same as Kznd&W and M&tahgt.

With Burnouf, Pralamb