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Nakshatrarâgasaṅkusumitâbhia, this Dharmapary«tya of the Lotus of the True Law surpasses as a king all the Sfltrdntas spoken by the Tathagita. As the moon, Nakshatrarâgasaṅkusumitâbhia, as a luminary, takes the first rank amongst the whole of the asterisms, so, Nakshatrarâgasaṅkusumitâbhia, this Dharmapary&ya of the Lotus of the True Law ranks first amongst all Siltrdntas spoken by the Tath&gata, though it surpasses hundred thousands of myriads of kotis of moons. As the orb of the sun, Nakshatrarâgasaṅkusumitâbhia, dispels gloomy darkness, so, Nakshatrarâgasaṅkusumitâbhia, this Dharmapay&ya of the Lotus of the True Law dispels all the gloomy darkness of unholy works. As Indra, Nakshatrarâgasaṅkusumitâbhia, is the chief of the gods of paradise, so, Nakshatrarâgasaṅkusumitâbhia, this Dharmaparyiya of the Lotus of the True Law is the chief of Stitr&ntas spoken by the Tathdgata. As Brahma Sah&mpati, Nakshatrarâgasaṅkusumitâbhia, is the king of all Brahmak&yika gods and exercises the function of a father in the Brahma world, so, Nakshatrarâgasaṅkusumitâbhia, this Dharmaparydya of the Lotus of the True Law exercises the function of a father to all beings, whether under training or past it, to all disciples, Pratyekabuddhas, and those who in the Bodhisattva-vehicle are striving for the goal. As the Srota&panna, Nakshatrarâgasaṅkusumitâbhia, as well as the Sakrzd4g£min, Anigimin, Arhat and Pratyekabuddha, excels the ignorant people and the profanum vulgus, so, Nakshatrarâgasaṅkusumitâ

Terms denoting the four degrees of sanctification, answering to the Prathamakalpika, Madhubhftmika, Pra^na^yotis, and Atikrdntabh&vaniya in the Yoga system ; Yogaxdstra III, 50, commentary.

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