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thing that the Lord Prabhfttaratna, &c., has to suffer or allow? Is the Lord Prabhfitaratna, &c., to stay long? We also, O Lord, are desirous of seeing the rudimentary frame[1] of that Lord PrabhAtaratna, the Tathâgata, &c. May the Lord therefore please to show us the rudimentary frame of the Lord Prabhfitaratna, the Tathâgata, &c.

Then the Lord .Sâkyamuni, the Tathâgata, &c., said to the Lord Prabhtitaratna, the Tathâgata, &c., who was completely extinct: Lord, the Bodhisattva Mahâsattva Gadgadasvara here wishes to see the Lord Prabhfitaratna, the Tathâgata, &c., who is completely extinct. Whereon the Lord Prabhfitaratna, the Tathâgata, &c., spoke to the Bodhisattva Mahâsattva Gadgadasvara in this strain: Well done, well done, young gentleman, that thou hast come hither in the desire to see the Lord .Sâkyamuni, the Tathâgata, &c. ; to hear this Dharmaparyâya of the Lotus of the True Law, and see Ma%uyrt, the prince royal.

Subsequently the Bodhisattva Mahâsattva Padmasrf said to the Lord : What root of goodness has the Bodhisattva Mahisattva Gadgadasvara formerly planted? And in presence of which Tath&gata? And the Lord .Sâkyamuni, the Tathigata, &c., said to the Bodhisattva Mahâsattva Padmasrf: In the days of yore, young man of good family, at a past period[2] there appeared in the world a Tathigata called Meghadundubhisvararâga (i. e. the king of the drum-sound of the clouds), perfectly enlightened, endowed with science and conduct, a Sugata, &c., in

  1. Dhâtuvigraha, the frame of the elementary parts, of the bone relics.
  2. In the margin is added the common phrase, 'at a time more incalculable than incalculable Æons.'