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states, in the hells, the brute creation, Yamas realm, the Bodhisattva Mahisattva Gadgadasvara is a supporter. Even to the creatures in the gynæceums of this Saha-world has the Bodhisattva Mahisattva Gadgadasvara, after metamorphosing himself into a woman, preached this Dharmaparydya of the Lotus of the True Law. Verily, Padmarrt, the Bodhisattva Mahasattva Gadgadasvara is the supporter of the creatures living in this Saha-world K Under so many shapes, assumed at will, has the Bodhisattva Mahisattva Gadgadasvara preached this Dharma- parydya of the Lotus of the True Law to creatures. Yet, there is no diminution of wisdom, nor dimi- nution of magic power in that good man 2 . So many, young man of good family, are the manifestations of knowledge by which this Bodhisattva Mahisattva Gadgadasvara has made himself known in this Saha- world. In other worlds also, similar to the sands of the river Ganges, he preaches the law, under the shape of a Bodhisattva to such as must be converted by a Bodhisattva ; under the shape of a disciple to such as must be converted by a disciple ; under the shape of a Pratyekabuddha to such as must be con-

Vdyu, pr£«a, breath of life, is the supporter of creatures.

Satpurusha; the real meaning is 'the existing spirit;' air, breath, life, which shows itself in a diversity of forms. That living breath is not only the supporter of creatures, but also a constant admonisher of the transitoriness of life, who addresses his call to young and old, sages and fools, &c. The important mystic rite of inspiration and expiration is described by Spence Hardy, Eastern Monachism, p. 267 ; no less value is attached to pr&fiayi ma in the Yoga system and in Indian mysticism in general ; see e. g. Yogasstra II, 49-51; Sarvadarsana-Sangraha, p. 175; the term pr£ny&ma not only denotes stopping of the breath, as the Dictionaries

explain it, but also the regulation and measuring of the breath.