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This page needs to be proofread.

With such a faculty of transformation, young man of good family, the Bodhisattva Mah&sattva Avalo- kitervara is moving in this Saha-world.

And on that occasion the Lord uttered the following stanzas:

1. A!ltradhva^a asked Akshayamati the following question : For what reason, son of Gina, is Avaloki- twvara (so) called * ?

2. And Akshayamati, that ocean of profound in- sight, after considering how the matter stood 2 , spoke to Altradhva^a : Listen to the conduct of Avalokitervara.

3. Hear from my indication how for numerous, inconceivable -^ons he has accomplished his vote under many thousand ko/is of Buddhas.

4. Hearing, seeing, regularly and constantly thinking 3 will infallibly destroy all suffering, (mundane) existence, and grief of living beings here on earth.

5. If one be thrown into a pit of fire, by a wicked enemy with the object of killing him, he has but to think of Avalokitervara, and the fire shall be quenched as if sprinkled with water.

6. If one happens to fall into the dreadful ocean, the abode of Nigas, marine monsters, and demons, he has but to think of Avalokitesvara, and he shall never sink down in the king of waters 4 .

It will be observed that this poetical version here entirely differs from the preceding prose introduction. As to the name of Kitradhvaga, I have not met with it elsewhere.

TSdrrrata vilokiy*.

Of whom or what ? is not expressed. From the sequel one might be tempted to infer that Avalokitervara, or the exposition of his power, is the object of hearing, &c.

Smarato (for smaratu), Avalokitexvaraaz^alara^e na kad&& sidati.