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This page needs to be proofread.

family ought to keep this Dharmapary&ya of the Lotus of the True Law. I myself, O Lord, will super- intend this Dharmapary&ya, that through my super- intendence it may here spread in Gambudvtpa.

Then the Lord .Sfikyamuni, the Tath&gata, &c M expressed his approval to the Bodhisattva Mahi- sattva Samantabhadra : Very well, very well, Saman- tabhadra. It is happy that thou art so well disposed to promote the weal and happiness of the people at large, out of compassion for the people, for the benefit, weal, and happiness of the great body of men ; that thou art endowed with such inconceivable qualities, with a mind so full of compassion, with intentions so inconceivably kind, so that of thine own accord thou wilt take those preachers under thy protection. The young men of good family who shall cherish the name of the Bodhisattva Mahcisattva Samantabhadra may be convinced that they have seen .S&kyamuni, the Tathigata, &c. ; that they have heard this Dharmaparydya of the Lotus of the True Law from the Lord .S&kyamuni ; that they have paid homage to the Tath&gata S&- kyamuni ; that they have applauded the preaching of the Tath&gata .S&kyamuni. They will have joy- fully accepted this Dharmapary&ya ; the Tath&gata vS&kyamuni will have laid his hand upon their head, and they will have decked the Lord .SSkyamuni with their robes. Those young men or young ladies of good family, Samantabhadra, must be held to have accepted the command of the Tath&gata 1 . They

If I rightly understand these cautious and veiled words, the meaning is that such persons, though no Buddhists, must be held in equal esteem as if they were. The persons alluded to are, not

unlikely, .Saiva monks or devotees, who, if leading a pious life, have