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eminent disciples, such as the venerable Ââta-Kaundinya, the venerable Asvagit, the venerable Vâshpa, the venerable Mahânâman, the venerable Bhadrika[1], the venerable Mahâ-Kâsyapa, the venerable Kâsyapa of Uruvilvâ, the venerable Kâsyapa of Nadî, the venerable Kâsyapa of Gayâ[2], the venerable Sâriputra, the venerable Mahâ-Maudgalyâyana[3], the venerable Mahâ-Kâtyâyana[4], the venerable Aniruddha[5], the venerable Revata, the venerable Kapphina[6], the venerable Gavâmpati, the venerable Pilindavatsa, the venerable Vakula, the venerable Bhâradvâga[7], the venerable Mahâ-Kaushthila[8], the venerable Nanda (alias Mahânanda), the venerable

    knowledge of the thoughts of others, knowledge of former existences, the divine eye. Sometimes a sixth Abhiâ is added, viz. the knowledge which causes the destruction of human passion; Burnouf, Lotus, p. 820 sqq.; Spence Hardy, Eastern Monachism, p. 284.

  1. These are known as the Five Bhadravargîyas, or, in Pâli, Pañkavaggîyas; they were the first five disciples.
  2. The conversion of Kâsyapa of Uruvilvâ and the two following is told in Buddhist Birth Stories (translated by Rhys Davids), 1, 114; Mahâvagga (ed. Oldenberg) I, 15.
  3. Sâriputra and Maudgalyâyana are termed the foremost or chief disciples (agrasrâvaka) of the Lord. About their conversion, see Birth Stories, I, 118; Mahâvagga I, 23.
  4. About him, see Mahâvagga V, 13.
  5. In Pâli, Anuruddha; the story of his conversion is told Kullavagga (ed. Oldenberg) I, 8.
  6. The name is variously spelt Kapphina, Kasphina, Kashphina, Kapphilla, Kamphilla. The Tibetan form Kapina (in Lotus, p. 294) agrees with Mahâ-Kappina in Pâli writings; Mahâvagga II, 5; X, 5. I cannot help guessing that the name is identical with Σφίνης, the proper name of Kalanos, in Plutarch's Alexander, chap. 65; one would expect Κασφίνης.
  7. The same with Pindola-Bhâradvâga, Kullavagga V, 8.
  8. In Pâli Mahâ-Kotthita; Mahâvagga X, 5.