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This page needs to be proofread.

5. (The universe) as far as the (hell) Avl£i (and) the extreme limit of existence, with all beings of those fields living in any of the six states of existence, those who are leaving one state[1] to be born in another;

6. Their various and different actions in those states have become visible; whether they are in a happy, unhappy, low, eminent, or intermediate position, all that I see from this place.

7. I see also the Buddhas, those lions of kings, revealing and showing the essence of the law, comforting 2 many ko/is of creatures and emitting sweet- sounding voices.

8. They let go forth, each in his own field, a deep, sublime, wonderful voice, while proclaiming the Buddha-laws by means of myriads of ko/is of illustrations and proofs.

9. And to the ignorant creatures who are oppressed with toils and distressed in mind by birth and old age, they announce the bliss of Rest, saying: This is the end of trouble, O monks.

10. And to those who are possessed of strength and vigour and who have acquired merit by virtue or earnest belief in the Buddhas, they show the vehicle of the Pratyekabuddhas, by observing this rule of the law.

11. And the other sons of the Sugata who, striving after superior knowledge, have constantly accom-

Prajv&sam&ndn, var. lect. prakisamanin; Burnouf must have followed the latter reading, his translation having 'instruisent.'

  1. The word for state, gati, also means 'the position, place,' e. g. of a star.