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from the Sugatas, who are freed from faults and have arrived at the last stage of bodily existence, the (^ina-knowledge lies beyond their sphere.

9. If this whole sphere were full of beings like .Sirisuta, and if they were to investigate with com- bined efforts, they would be unable to comprehend the knowledge of the Sugata.

10. Even if the ten points of space were full of sages like thee, ay, if they were full of such as the rest of my disciples,

11. And if those beings combined were to investigate the knowledge of the Sugata, they would, all together, not be able to comprehend the Buddha- knowledge in its whole immensity.

12. If the ten points of space were filled with Pratyekabuddhas, free from faults, gifted with acute faculties, and standing in the last stage of their existence, as numerous as reeds and bamboos in the woods;

13. And if combined for an endless number of myriads of ko/is of iEons, they were to investigate a part only of my superior laws, they would never find out its real meaning.

14. If the ten points of space were full of Bodhisattvas who, after having done their duty under many kotis of Buddhas, investigated all things and preached many sermons, after entering a new vehicle[1];

15. If the whole world were full of them, as of dense reeds and bamboos, without any interstices, and if all combined were to investigate the law which the Sugata has realised;

  1. Or rather, a new career.
[21] D