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This page needs to be proofread.

of Buddha and done thei rduty under many ko/is of Buddhas will I make known amplified SAtras.

50. For they are endowed with such gifts of mental disposition and such advantages of a blameless outward form * that I can announce to them: in future ye shall become Buddhas benevolent and compassionate.

51. Hearing which, all of them will be pervaded with delight (at the thought) : We shall become Buddhas pre-eminent in the world. And I, perceiving their conduct, will again reveal amplified Sfttras.

52. And those are the disciples of the Leader, who have listened to my word of command. One single stanza learnt or kept in memory suffices, no doubt of it, to lead all of them to enlightenment.

53. There is, indeed, but one vehicle; there is no second, nor a third anywhere in the world, apart from the case of the Purushottamas using an expe- dient to show that there is a diversity of vehicles.

54. The Chief of the world appears in the world to reveal the Buddha-knowledge. He has but one aim, indeed, no second ; the Buddhas do not bring over (creatures) by an inferior vehicle.

55. There where the self-born one has established himself, and where the object of knowledge is, of whatever form or kind ; (where) the powers, the stages of meditation, the emancipations, the perfected faculties (are); there the beings also shall be established.

56. I should be guilty of envy, should I, after

The text has: tathihi te dsayaxampaddhi visuddharfipSyasamanvitd 'bhflt. This abhtit is rather an unhappy attempt at Sanskritising a Prakrit ahum or ahu, than a singular used for

a plural. Sampad and &ya are nearly synonymous terms.