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I. The origin of the Manu-smriti according to the Hindus xi
The Manu-smriti based on a Dharma-sûtra of the Mânavas xviii
II. The Mânava Dh. S. converted into a metrical Smriti by a special school of lawyers xlv
The Mânava Dh. S. chosen for conversion on account of the myths current regarding Manu lvi
Old and new parts of the work lxvi
The sources of the additions made by the editor of the metrical version lxxiv
The position of Bhrigu's Samhitâ among the various metrical recensions xcii
The probable date of Bhrigu's Samhitâ cvi
III. The commentaries of Manu and principles of translation cxviii


The Creation 1
Summary of Contents 26
Sources of the Law 29
Sacraments 33
Initiation 37
Studentship 43
Householder 74
Marriage 75