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ⅩⅩⅤ, 75-ⅩⅩⅥ, 12
the qurʼân.

therein with salutation and peace, — to dwell therein for aye ; a good abode and station shall it be !

Say, ‘ My Lord cares not for you though you should not call (on Him) ; and ye have called (the Apostle) a liar, but it shall be (a punishment) which ye cannot shake off.’

The Chapter of the Poets.

(ⅩⅩⅥ. Mecca.)

In the name of the merciful and compassionate God.

T. S. M. Those are the signs of the perspicuous Book ; haply thou art vexing thyself to death that they will not be believers !

If we please we will send down upon them from the heaven a sign, and their necks shall be humbled thereto. But there comes not to them any recent Reminder from the Merciful One that they do not turn away from. 5 They have called (thee) liar ! but there shall come to them a message of that at which they mocked.

Have they not looked to the earth, how we caused to grow therein of every noble kind ? verily, in that is a sign; but most of them will never be believers! but, verily, thy Lord He is mighty and merciful.

And when thy Lord called Moses (saying), ‘ Come to the unjust people, 10 to the people of Pharaoh, will they not fear ?’ Said he, ‘ My Lord ! verily, I fear that they will call me liar; and my breast is straitened, and my tongue is not fluent ; send then