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ⅩⅦ, 14-24.
the chapter of the night journey.

his neck; and we will bring forth for him on the resurrection day a book offered to him wide open. 15 ‘ Read thy book, thou art accountant enough against thyself to-day !’

He who accepts guidance, accepts it only for his own soul : and he who errs, errs only against it ; nor shall one burdened soul bear the burden of another.

Nor would we punish until we had sent an apostle. And when we desired to destroy a city we bade[1] the opulent ones thereof; and they wrought abomination therein ; and its due sentence was pronounced ; and we destroyed it with utter destruction.

How many generations have we destroyed after Noah ! but thy Lord of the sins of his servant is well aware, and sees enough.

Whoso is desirous of this life that hastens away, we will hasten on for him therein what we please, — for whom we please. Then we will make hell for him to broil in — despised and outcast.

20 But whoso desires the next life, and strives for it and is a believer — these, their striving shall be gratefully received.

To all — these and those — will we extend the gifts of thy Lord; for the gifts of thy Lord are not restricted.

See how we have preferred some of them over others, but in the next life are greater degrees and greater preference.

Put not with God other gods, or thou wilt sit despised and forsaken.

Thy Lord has decreed that ye shall not serve other than Him; and kindness to one’s parents,

  1. Bade them obey the Apostle.

B 2