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ⅩⅬ, 7-15
the chapter of the believer.

Those who bear the throne and those around it celebrate the praise of their Lord, and believe in Him, and ask pardon for those who believe : ‘ Our Lord! thou dost embrace all things in mercy and knowledge, then pardon those who turn repentant and follow thy way, and guard them from the torment of hell! Our Lord! make them enter into gardens of Eden which thou hast promised to them, and to those who do well of their fathers, and their wives, and their seed ; verily, thou art the mighty, the wise ! and guard them from evil deeds, for he whom thou shalt guard from evil deeds on that day, thou wilt have had mercy on, and that is mighty bliss!’

10 Verily, those who misbelieve shall be cried out to, ‘ Surely, God’s hatred is greater than your hatred of each other when ye were called unto the faith and misbelieved !’ They shall say, ‘ Our Lord ! Thou hast killed us twice, and Thou hast quickened us twice[1]; and we do confess our sins : is there then a way for getting out ?’

That is because when God alone was proclaimed ye did disbelieve ; but when partners were joined to Him ye did believe ; but judgment belongs to God, the high, the great ! He it is who shows you His signs, and sends down to you from heaven provision ; but none is mindful except him who turns repentant ; then call on God, being sincere in your religion to Him, averse although the misbelievers be! 15 Exalted of degrees ! The Lord

  1. Referring to the absence of life before birth and the deprivation of it at death, and to the being quickened at birth and raised again after death.