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ⅩⅬⅢ, 61-75.
the qurʼân.

concerning it, but follow this right way; and let not the devil turn you away; verily, he is to you an open foe !

And when Jesus came with manifest signs he said, ‘ I am come to you with wisdom, and I will explain to you something of that whereon ye did dispute, then fear God, obey me; verily, God, He is my Lord and your Lord, serve Him then, this is the right way.’

65 But the confederates disputed amongst themselves ; and woe to those who are unjust from the torment of a grievous day !

Do they expect aught but that the Hour will come upon them suddenly while they do not perceive ? Friends on that day shall be foes to each other, save those who fear.

O my servants ! there is no fear for you on that day; nor shall ye be grieved who believe in our signs and who are resigned. 70 Enter ye into Paradise, ye and your wives, happy !

Dishes of gold and pitchers shall be sent round to them ; therein is what souls desire, and eyes shall be delighted, and ye therein shall dwell for aye ; for that is Paradise which ye are given as an inheritance for that which ye have done. Therein shall ye have much fruit whereof to eat.

Verily, the sinners are in the torment of hell to dwell for aye. 75 It shall not be intermitted for them, and they therein shall be confused. We have not wronged them, but it was themselves they wronged.

    the end of the world. Some commentators, however, read ‘ it,’ instead of ‘ he,’ referring to the Qurʼân, instead of to Jesus.