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ⅩⅦ, 81-91.
the qurʼân.

And for the night, watch thou therein as an extra service. It may be that thy Lord will raise thee to a laudable station.

And say, ‘ O my Lord ! make me enter with a just entry ; and make me come forth with a just coming forth ; and grant me from Thee authority to aid.’

And say, ‘ Truth has come, and falsehood has vanished ! verily, falsehood is transient.’

And we will send down of the Qurʼân that which is a healing and a mercy to the believers, but it will only increase the wrong-doers in loss.

85 And when we favour man he turns away and retires aside, but when evil touches him he is ever in despair. Say, ‘ Every one acts after his own manner, but your Lord knows best who is most guided in the way.’

They will ask thee of the spirit[1]. Say, ‘ The spirit comes at the bidding of my Lord, and ye are given but a little knowledge thereof.’

If we had wished we would have taken away that with which we have inspired thee ; then thou wouldst have found no guardian against us, unless by a mercy from thy Lord ; verily, His grace towards thee is great!

90 Say, ‘ If mankind and ginns united together to bring the like of this Qurʼân, they could not bring the like, though they should back each other up !’

We have turned about for men in this Qurʼân every parable ; but most men refuse to accept it, save ungratefully.

  1. According to some, the soul generally; but according to others, and more probably, the angel Gabriel as the agent of revelation.