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ⅬⅡ, 28-42.
the qurʼân.

‘ Verily, we used to call on Him before; verily, He is the righteous, the compassionate !’

Wherefore do thou[1] remind them : for thou art, by the favour of thy Lord, neither a soothsayer nor mad !

Will they say, ‘ A poet ; we wait for him the sad accidents of fate ?’

30 Say, ‘ Wait ye then ; for I too am of those who wait !’

Do their dreams bid them this ? or are they an outrageous people ?

Or will they say, ‘ He has invented it ?’ — nay, but they do not believe !

But let them bring a discourse like it, if they tell the truth !

35 Or were they created of nothing, or were they the creators ? Or did they create the heavens and the earth ? — nay, but they are not sure !

Or have they the treasures of thy Lord ? or are they the governors supreme ?

Or have they a ladder whereon they can listen[2]? — then let their listener bring obvious authority.

Has He daughters, while ye have sons ?

40 Or dost thou ask them a hire, while they are borne down by debt ?

Or have they the unseen, so that they write it down ?

Or do they desire a plot? — but those who misbelieve it is who are plotted against !

  1. Addressed to Mohammed.
  2. I. e. a ladder reaching to the gates of heaven, upon which they may stand and listen to the angels discoursing, as the devils do. See Part Ⅰ, pp. 50, 51, note 2.