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ⅩⅦ, 101-108.
the qurʼân.

heavens and the earth is able to create the like of them, and to set for them an appointed time ; there is no doubt therein, yet the wrong-doers refuse to accept it, save ungratefully !

Say, ‘ Did ye control the treasuries of the mercy of my Lord, then ye would hold them through fear of expending ; for man is ever niggardly !’

And we did bring Moses nine manifest signs ; then ask the children of Israel (about) when he came to them, and Pharaoh said to him, ‘ Verily, I think thee, O Moses ! enchanted.’

He said, ‘ Well didst thou know that none sent down these save the Lord of the heavens and the earth as visible signs ; and, verily, I think thee, O Pharaoh ! ruined.’

105 And he desired to drive them out of the land ; but we drowned him and those with him, one and all.

And after him we said to the children of Israel, ‘ Dwell ye in the land ; and when the promise of the hereafter comes to pass, we will bring you in a mixed crowd (to judgment).

‘ In truth have we sent it down, and in truth has it come down ; and we have not sent thee as aught but a herald of glad tidings and a warner.

‘ And a Qurʼân which we have divided, that thou mayst read it to mankind leisurely, and we sent it down, sending it down[1].’

Say, ‘ Believe ye therein, or believe not ; verily, those who were given the knowledge before it, when it is read to them fall down upon their beards adoring ! and they say, “ Celebrated be the praises

  1. As occasion required.