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ⅬⅩⅫ, 6-17.
the chapter of the ginn.

‘“ And there are persons amongst men who seek for refuge with persons amongst the ginn[1]; but they increase them in their perverseness. And they thought, as ye thought, that God would not raise up any one from the dead.

‘“ But we touched the heavens and found them filled with a mighty guard and shooting-stars ; and we did sit in certain seats thereof to listen ; but whoso of us listens now finds a shooting-star for him on guard.

‘“ 10 And, verily, we know not whether evil be meant for those who are in the earth, or if their Lord means right by them.

‘“ And of us are some who are pious, and of us are some who are otherwise : we are in separate bands.

‘“ And we thought that we could not frustrate God in the earth, and could not frustrate Him by flight.

‘“ But, verily, when we heard the guidance we believed therein, and he who believes in his Lord shall fear neither diminution nor loss.

‘“ And, verily, of us are some who are Muslims, and of us some are trespassers ; but those of us who are Muslims they strive after right direction ; 15 and as for the trespassers they are fuel for hell.”’

And if they[2] will go right upon the way, we will irrigate them with copious water to try them thereby ; and whoso turns from the remembrance of his Lord He will drive him to severe torment.

And (say) that the mosques are God’s, and that ye

  1. The pagan Arabs when they found themselves in a lonely place, such as they supposed the ginn to haunt, used to say, ‘ I take refuge in the Lord of this valley from the foolish among his people !’
  2. The Meccans.