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Nor light nor darkness brings his pain relief, One shows the plunder, and one hides the


Yet still one general cry the skies assails, And gain and grandeur load the tainted gales ; Few know the toiling statesman's fear or care, TV insidious rival and the gaping heir.

Once more, Democritus, arise on earth, With cheerful wisdom and instructive mirth, See motley life in modern trappings dress'd, And feed with varied fools th' eternal jest: Thou who could'st laugh where want enchain'd


Toil crush'd conceit, and man was of a piece ; Where wealth, unloved, without a mourner


And scarce a sycophant was fed by pride ; Where ne'er was known the form of mock


Or seen a new-made mayor's unwieldy state ; Where change of favourites made no change

of laws,

And senates heard before they judged a cause ; How wouldst thou shake at Britain's modish

tribe, Dart the quick taunt, and edge the piercing


Attentive, truth and nature to descry, And pierce each scene with philosophic eye,

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