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When first the college rolls receive his name, The young enthusiast quits his ease for fame ; Resistless burns the fever of renown, Caught from the strong contagion of the gown; O'er Bodley's dome his future labours spread, And Bacon's * mansion trembles o'er his head. Are these thy views? Proceed, illustrious


And Virtue guard thee to the throne of Truth ! Yet, should thy soul indulge the generous heat Till captive Science yields her last retreat ; Should Reason guide thee with her brightest


And pour on misty Doubt resistless day ; Should no false kindness lure to loose delight, Nor praise relax, nor difficulty fright ; Should tempting Novelty thy cell refrain, And Sloth effuse her opiate fumes in vain ; Should Beauty blunt on fops her fatal dart, Nor claim the triumph of a letter'd heart ; Should no disease thy torpid veins invade, Nor Melancholy's phantoms haunt thy shade ; Yet hope not life from grief or danger free, Nor think the doom of man reversed for thee:

1 There is a tradition, that the study of friar Bacon, built on an arch over the bridge, will fall when a man greater than Bacon shall pass under it. To prevent so shocking an accident, it was pulled down many years since.

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