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��Prologue to the Comedy of 'The Good-matured

PREST by the load of life, the weary mind Surveys the general toil of human kind, With cool submission joins the labouring


And social sorrow loses half its pain : Our anxious bard without complaint may share This bustling season's epidemic care ; Like Caesar's pilot dignified by Fate, Tost in one common storm with all the great; Distrest alike the statesman and the wit, When one a Borough courts, and one the


The busy candidates for power and fame Have hopes, and fears, and wishes, just the


Disabled both to combat or to fly, Must hear all taunts, and hear without reply. Uncheck'd on both loud rabbles vent their


As mongrels bay the lion in a cage. Th' offended burgess hoards his angry tale, For that blest year when all that vote may rail ; Their schemes of spite the poet's foes dismiss, Till that glad night when all that hate may


�� �