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Before 1752. ENGRAVING by Finden from miniature. Reproduced in Mr. Roger Ingpen's edition of Bos- well's Life of 'Johnson, 1907.

1756. PAINTING by Sir Joshua Reynolds. Reproduced in G. B. Hill's edition of Boswell's Life; Mr. A. Birr ell's edition of same, 1901 ; Mr. Ingpen's edition, and elsewhere.

1770. MEZZOTINT by Zobel after Reynolds. Repro- duced in Mr. Birrell's and Mr. Ingpen's editions of the Life by Boswell.

1773. PAINTING by Reynolds (in the National Gallery). Reproduced in Hill's edition of the Life, and in numerous other places.

ETCHING by Mrs. Turner after drawing by Ozias

Humphrey, R.A. Reproduced in Mr. Ingpen's edition of the Life.

1781. PORTRAIT by Barry, engraved by Finden. Re- produced in Napier's edition of the Life, 1884, and elsewhere. Now in National Portrait Gallery.

1782. DRAWING by Trotter. Reproduced in Beauties of Johnson (Kcarsley's edition) as frontispiece.

1783. MINIATURE by Miss Frances Reynolds. Repro- duced in Mr. Ingpen's edition of Life, 1907.

1 784. PORTRAIT by James Roberts, said to be the last portrait of Johnson. Reproduced in Mr. Ingpen's edition of Life, 1907.

PORTRAIT by Opie. Reproduced in Biographical

Magazine, 1794, and elsewhere.

DRAWING by Bosland, engraved by Finden. For-

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