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were, with equal haste, seized by Malevolence. The followers of Flattery, to whom she dis- tributed her part of the sceptre, neither had nor desired light, but touched indiscriminately whatever Power or Interest happened to ex- hibit. The companions of Malevolence were supplied by the Furies with a torch, which had this quality peculiar to infernal lustre, that its light fell only upon faults.

No light, but rather darkness visible, Served only to discover sights of wo.

With these fragments of authority, the slaves of Flattery and Malevolence marched out, at the command of their mistresses, to confer immortality, or condemn to oblivion. But this sceptre had now lost its power ; and Time passes his sentence at leisure, without any regard to their determinations.

��FROM the perpetual necessity of consulting the animal faculties, in our provision for the present life, arises the difficulty of withstand- ing their impulses, even in cases where they ought to be of no weight ; for the motions of sense are instantaneous, its objects strike un- sought, we are accustomed to follow its direc- tions, and therefore often submit to the sen-