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Figure 28 - A counter deposit check for IND Dairytech USA found amongst UMI financial paperwork. $125,000 from an unknown source was deposited over the counter. Source: Select Committee.

As “David He,” Zhu claimed that he was merely the “special representative” for UMI and Prestige Biotech. Employees have stated, however, that Zhu is the “main man” and “owner” who actually controls the UMI/Prestige Biotech operations at the Reedley Biolab. In addition, he is the only person local officials have engaged with who appears to have actual decision-making power at the organizations.

Figure 29 - In FDA registration records, Ai De Diagnostic is listed as having the same registration address as a former UMI address in Fresno. Ai De Diagnostic’s contact address places it in the Qingdao High-Tech Industrial Park. Source: FDA website.

This is consistent with Zhu’s former practice. The Supreme Court of British Columbia described Zhu as the “directing mind” of a large corporate network engaged in fraud. It appears that Zhu continues to operate as the “directing mind” of the UMI corporate network. Zhu, as “He,” continued to use the same corporations in China and hire many of the same individuals to run his PRC operations. For instance, Universal Meditech Inc (UMI) / Prestige Biotech Inc. executives Yao Xiuqin and Wang Zhaoyan share the names with the heads of Ai De Biopharmaceutical in Qingdao, China: 姚秀芹 (Yao Xiuqin) and 王朝艳 (Wang Zhaoyan). He also continued to tie his PRC companies (such as Ai De Diagnostic) in with UMI and Prestige, such as using UMI as Ai De’s U.S. Agent. According to import records and documents recovered at the Reedley Biolab, Ai De Biopharmaceutical (which shares the same address as Ai De Diagnostic) in Qingdao has made many shipments of medical supplies to

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