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Because science reverses the positions of personal sense, human reason acts slowly in accepting it, contesting every inch of ground it occupies, while error, self-complacent and applauded, sneers at the slow marches of Truth. Physiology is a name in our land. Institutions honor it, and materia medica bows the knee, but notwithstanding this, it has not improved mankind. We shall yet open our eyes to this fact in theodicy, that depending on matter for what Intelligence is responsible, is a mistake with grave consequences. The fundamental error of mortal man, is the belief that man is matter, but theorizing from mushrooms up to brains, amounts to little in the right direction, and much in the wrong. Classifying the different species of man, mineral, vegetable, and animal, an egg is the author of the genus homo; but we perceive no reason why man should begin thus sooner than in the more primitive state of dust where Adam commenced. Brains are beneath the craniums of animals; then to admit brains are man, furnishes a pretext for saying he was once a monkey, which is met with the reply, if this be the case, he will again be one, according to natural history.

What is man? brain, heart, or the entire human structure? If he is one, or all of the component parts