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treasures, in order to gain the Principle of right, and thus learn the divine way in Science.

The pains of sense are salutary, if they wrench away the pleasurable beliefs of sense, and transplant the affections from sense to Soul, where the creations of God “are good, rejoicing the heart.” Such are the footprints in Science, whereby Truth decapitates error, and mortals gain a higher individuality and destiny with every succeeding step.

Man must follow Jesus' sayings and demonstration, up to the very throne of perfect and eternal Mind. Thus the beliefs of matter will disappear, and the ideas of Spirit will crowd upon us with their beatific presence, flooding humanity with light.

Spiritual understanding lifts man above mortal frailty, as he crosses the barriers of time, into the vast forever of Life. Only that which co-exists with God can reflect Him and be His idea. Every object in the material universe will be resolved into thought, whose substance is Mind, not matter, and is included in the generic term man, of which woman is the highest species.

The late Louis Agassiz, by his microscopic examinations of a vulture's ovum, strengthened my conclusions as to the scientific theory of creation. Mortal belief claims to create, but the immortal idea alone represents the Truth of creation. Man is more than an individual form, with a mind inside of it. He reflects Infinity, and includes in this reflection the entire universe of God's creating. Professor Agassiz was able to see in the egg the earth's atmosphere, the gathering clouds, the moon and stars, while the germinating speck of embryotic life seemed a small sun.