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really destroyed, and must therefore cling to mortals until, here or hereafter, they gain the true understanding of God, in the Science which destroys human delusions about Him, and reveals the grand realities of being.

All that is called mortal thought consists of error. The theoretical mind (the exact opposite of the real Mind) is named by error Material Life. Error teaches that mortals are created to suffer and die. When man is dead, error hopes to raise from mortality the immortal Principle, the Soul. Thus error theorizes that whatever is born of the dust returns to dust, and has a resurrection from the dust; whereas properly considered, man is the spiritual and eternal reflection of Deity.

Undisturbed amid this jargon of personal sense, Science sits enthroned, ready to unfold to mortals the immutable harmonious divine Principle — Life and its idea, man and the universe — as ever present and eternal.