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whom we live and move and have being.” Keep in mind the perfect verities of being, — that man is the image and likeness of painless and permanent Being, and that his perfection is real and unimpeachable.

Because matter has no Ego, its conditions are unreal, and these conditions are the source of all sickness. To believe in the existence of matter is to admit that mortality (and therefore disease) has a foundation in fact. Once let the mental physician believe in the reality of matter, and he must admit also the reality of all its conditions. Thus he will create disease with his mind, faster than medicine can formulate it through material diagnosis; and so he may become the most dangerous doctor of this period.

In proportion as matter, to human sense, loses all entity as matter, in that proportion does man become its master, entering into a diviner sense of the facts, and comprehending the theology of Jesus, as demonstrated in healing the sick, raising the dead, walking the water. All these deeds manifested Christ's control over the belief that matter is Substance, that it can be the arbiter of Life, or the constructer of any form of being.

If man is absolutely governed by God, or Spirit, then man is not subject to matter, “neither indeed can be;” and therefore he cannot suffer from the infringement of any but a spiritual law.

Maintain the facts of Science: that Mind is God, and therefore cannot be sick; also that what is termed matter cannot be sick; that all causation is Spirit, acting through spiritual law. Then hold your ground with a lawyer's skill, and you will win. When you silence the witness against your plea, you destroy the evidence,