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somewhat in the ordinary theories of medical practice, I began to fear a crisis, or aggravation of symptoms from the prolonged use of these remedies, and told the patient so; but she was unwilling to give up the medicine, when she was recovering. It then occurred to me to give her unmedicated pellets for a while, and watch the result. I did so, and she continued to gain as before. Finally she said that she would give up her medicine for one day, and risk the effects. After trying this she informed me that she could get along two days without globules; but on the third day she again suffered, and was relieved by taking them. She went on in this way, taking the unmedicated pellets, with occasional visits from me, — employing no other means, — and was cured.

When I learned of a verity that Mind, and not matter, effects the cure, I had such qualms of conscience over attributing the cure to matter that I gave up a respectable profession, and heard the soft impeachment that I had lost my wits, or become a Spiritualist — which seems to me much the same thing.

My experiments have proved the fact that Mind governs the body, not in one instance, but in every instance. A change of belief changes all the physical symptoms, and determines a case for better or worse. Nerves carry a changed report according to the changed belief. The indestructible faculties of Spirit exist without the necessities of matter, or the false beliefs of a so-called material existence.

Destruction of the auditory nerve, and paralysis of the optic, are not needed to ensure deafness and blindness; for if mortal mind says, “I am deaf and blind,” it will be so without an injured nerve. Every theory opposed