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To the memory of my beloued, The AVTHOR Mb.VVilliam Shakespeare; And what he hath left vs. ! draw no entiy ^Shakefpcare) on thj name, I ^m I thm ample 16 thy Bcokc^ and Fame : ^.^hVhtle I confeffe th^ tyriri»gs to hefuch. As neither Man, nor Mufc, canpratfe too much, 'Tii true^ and all mens fuffrage. But thefe rva^es. Were net the paths J meant vntothypraife: forfeeliefl Ignorance on thefe may light ^ Which^ vhen it founds at beftjbut eccho's right j Or blmde Affe^ion^ rvhich doth ne're aduance The truth ^ but gropes^ and vrgeth all by chante 5 Or crafty M-*ltce^ might pretend thispraife^ And thinke to ruine^ where itfeem'dto raife, Thefe are^ as feme infamoits Baud, orwhore^ should pratfe a Matron, l^hat could hurt her more f But thou art proofe againjl them, and indeed Aboue th'iti for tune of them, or the need, /, therefore mil begin. Soule of the Age ! The applaufe ! delight ! the rvonder of our Stage f My Sliakcfpcare, rfe; I will not lodge thee by Chaucer, or Spenfer,cr^/^ Beaumont lye A little further y to make thee a roome : Thou art a Monimentt "without a tombcy And art al ue^ill, while thy Boeke dcth liue^ And roe haue witsfo read, andpraife togiue. That I not mixe thee fo,m'j braineexcufes j / meane rciih great, but difproportion'd Mufes : For, if J thought my iudgement tvereefyeeres^ jjhould commit thee fur ely with thy peeres. And tell, hotffarre thou didHji our Lily cut'fi»ne. Or /porting Kid , or Marlowcs mighty line. And though thou had^fmall Latine, and kffe GrcelcC, From thence to honour thee, Ivoouldnotfeeke For names; but call forth thundring iEfchiluS, Euripides, and Sophocles to vs , Paccuuius, Accius, him u/Cordoua deai^ To life againe, to htare thy Buikin tread. And [hake a Stage : Or^ vohen thy Sockes were c», Lgaue thienlonejir the compariftn