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ter in 2-0 Leo; Saturn in 27-0 Gemini is square Uranus in 2-0 Libra; Neptune in 28-0 Cancer is trine Mars in 3-0 Sagittarius; Venus in 29-30 Leo is in opposition to Mercury in 5-30 Pisces.


The foregoing chapters describe the basis of Astrology and illustrate in detail the method of erecting a horoscope. They also indicate the elements of the science of reading a horoscope. A great deal of additional information along these lines is given in the Philosophie Encyclopedia following. But the next volume in this series, the “Message of the Stars,” is the Rosicrucian text book on the science of Astrological Reading, and the application of Astrology to our daily lives. It contains a complete exposition of the methods used in judging the radical horoscope, also in progressing the chart and making predictions therefrom. Medical Astrology and the diagnosis of disease are comprehensively dealt with, as are also the bearing of Astrology upon evolution and the general nature and effect of planetary vibrations.

All who wish to go further in the subject are referred to this volume.