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mother’s life manifested in the growing organism, and it can then begin to work in the vital fluid and manifest signs of separate life in the body until the Sun of Life has completed its cirele and again reaches the mystic Eighth House.

Eight months after the seed atom wus sown the Sun of Life, the Spirit, enters Pisces, the last of the watery signs in the mystic zodiac, which is under the expansive, benefice ray of Jupiter. Under this benevolent influence the waters of parturition swell and burst the restraining walls of the womb, when the nine months of gestation have been completed, launching the new-born soul upon the Ocean of Life at the first point of Aries, where it is warmed and cheered by the combined rays of Mars and the Sun, which are house and exaltation rulers. Thus it 1s prepared for the battle of existence by the energetic war-god, and its fountain of life, be it large or small, is filled to capacity by the Sun, from the great cosmic reservoir of vital energy.


In a horoscope the birthplace is always supposed to be the highest point on the earth. It is designated by an arrow on the diagram herewith and the point right above it in the sky is called the Midheaven, As an observer in the northern hemisphere must always look south to see the noonday Sun, it follows that east is to the left and west on his right. Astrologers