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S 650/2003


Occasions for performing National Anthem

11.—(1) The National Anthem shall be performed when the President receives a general salute.

(2) The National Anthem may be performed or sung on any appropriate occasion.

Respect for National Anthem

12. When the National Anthem is performed or sung, every person present shall stand up as a mark of respect.

Musical arrangements of National Anthem

13.—(1) Any person performing or singing the National Anthem shall perform or sing the National Anthem according to the official arrangement in the Third Schedule or any other arrangement permitted under paragraph (2).

(2) The National Anthem may be rearranged in any manner that is in keeping with the dignity due to the National Anthem, subject to the following conditions:

(a) the National Anthem shall not be incorporated into any other composition or medley; and
(b) every arrangement of the National Anthem shall accurately reflect the complete tune and the complete official lyrics of the National Anthem.

(3) Any person who sings the National Anthem—

(a) shall follow the official lyrics in the Third Schedule; and
(b) shall not sing any translation of those lyrics.