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place there was much sickness and dc.iths. On the 2ist the ment was ordered to Camp Vance, two miles east of Goldsboro, on the Wilmington and Weldon Railroad, and on the 22nd was attached to the 3rd Brigade, Army of North Carolina, commanded by General Joseph R. Anderson. This brigade was composed of the ist South Carolina Regiment, Colonel Hamilton; 34th North Carol ma, Colonel Leaventhorpe; 38th North Carolina, Colonel Hoke; 2nd Georgia Battalion, Captain Doyle; 3rd Louisiana Battalion, Lieutenant-Colonel Bridford. On April 8th, the 45th Georgia, Col- onel Hardiman, and on April roth, 4Qth Georgia, Colonel Lane, were attached to the brigade.

While here the troops received news of the passage of -the con- script law, which gave some dissatisfaction, because they thought it unfair to hold twelve-month troops for a longer time, but after care- ful consideration they cheerfully acquiesced. On the i8th of April, 1862, General Holmes, in command at Goldsboro, ordered the regi- ment at Camp Mason to re-organize for the war. The result was as follows: Thos. S. Kenan, colonel (did not accept); Wm. J. Hoke, elected on 24th; R. F. Armfield; lieutenant-colonel; L. D. Andrews, major.

Company A A. G. Mosely, captain; D. D. Morrisey, first lieu- tenant; N. E. Armstrong, second lieutenant; A. J. Brown, junior second lieutenant.

Company B C. L. Cook, captain; A. W. Blackburn, first lieu- tenant; L. F. Haynes, second lieutenant; J. B. Hare, junior second lieutenant.

Company C J. T. Wilson, captain; R. F. Allen, first lieutenant; Hudson, second lieutenant: J. W. Darden, junior second lieuten- ant.

Company D John Ashford, captain 1 R. R. Bell, first lieutenant; H. C. Darden, second lieutenant; J. W. Darden, junior second lieu- tenant.

Company E D. C. McRae, captain; S. M. Ingram, first lieuten- ant; Alfred Dockery, second lieutenant; M. T. Covington, junior second lieutenant.

Company F D. McD. Yount, captain; F. D. Roseman, first lieutenant; J. A. Yount, second lieutenant; Alonzo Deal, junior sec- ond lieutenant.

Company G G. W. Flowers, captain; O. H. Patterson, first lieutenant; W. A. Stephenson, second lieutenant; Abner Harring- ton, junior second lieutenant.