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The Thirty-eighth North Carolina Regiment. 259

Vermont, killing and wounding about thirty-five, and holding the road until the enemy recrossed the Rappahannock.

After being encamped for about ten days, Hill Corps moved to- wards Gettysburg, Fender's Division arriving within eight miles of Gettysburg on the morning of the 3Oth. At 3 A. M., July ist, the command took up line of march, Fender's Division with Mclntosh's Battalion of Artillery following Heth and Pegram's Battalion of Artillery. The field arrangement put Scales' brigade on the extreme left of the division, and the 38th North Carolina on the left of the brigade, its left resting on the Chambersburg pike. The advance of the enemy was driven back to the hills where their forces were to op- pose the advance of the Confederates. At the first charge Fender's Division was in the rear, Scales' and Thomas' brigades being on the right. The enemy offering determined resistance, Fender's Division, except Thomas' brigade, was ordered to the front. The ammuni- tion of the advance line having given out, they halted and lay down. Scales' brigade soon passed over them with the other brigades, rushed upon the ascent, crossed the bridge and commenced the descent just opposite the Theological Seminary. The regiment being on the flank, encountered a most terrific fire of grape and musketry in front. Every discharge made sad loss in the line, but the troops pressed on double quick until the bottom was reached, a distance of about seventy-five yards from the ridge just crossed and about the same distance from the college in front. By this time the line was badly broken. Every officer in Scales' brigade except one, Lieutenant Gardman, upon whom the command devolved, was disa- bled, 400 men killed, wounded and missing. The loss of the 38th was 100 in killed and wounded or captured. General Scales and Adjutant-General Riddick were wounded and Major Clark killed. Colonel Hoke, Colonel Ashford, Colonel Lawrence, Captain Thorn- burg, acting major, were among the wounded. Though wounded, Colonel Lawrence took command of the brigade and Captain Thorn- burg of the regiment. Some of the companies were without a single officer.

The regiment now was moved to the right of the line, and throw- ing out skirmishers to the right and front, it remained in this position until morning, it being then about 10 o'clock. Early next morning the brigade was placed on the right of the artillery. A line of skirm- ishers under command of Lieutenant A. J. Brown was thrown out, and was held against several strong attacks. The Scales brigade joined the division on the left again, and was joined on to Lane's