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ings. But he declined the offer, because, he said, he did not con- sider himself competent to teach astronomy, as it ought to be taught tin re. He had not made a specialty of astronomy.

Modesty, self-sacrifice, conscientiousness, absolute truthfulness, virtues which adorned his whole life, attained supreme radiance here.

In August, 1882, he was appointed a clerk in the Surgeon-Gen- eral's library division of the War Department. He discharged his duties so well, that for several years after he became unable to go to the office, his work was sent to him to be performed in his bed- room. In May, 1894, he was removed on account of his physical disability. Thrown again upon the world absolutely penniless, his spirit was bright as ever. He never murmured.

Then the Confederate Soldiers' Home at Richmond, Virginia, threw wide its doors. His veteran comrades opened their arms and hearts, and said: " Come to us beloved and honored friend, and be our guest." And there, with the light of love, friendship, and ad- miration shining all about him, he passed the painful remnant of his days. He was not debtor. He gave more than he received. To the last, amid all his suffering, he was bright, cheerful, witty, and charming. To the many who gladly sought his company, he gave knowledge, instruction, and entertainment; and more than all, the pleasure of the sweet and edifying society of a lovely man.

He died on July 29, 1896, and was buried with military honors.

2. Resolved, That we remember with gratitude, pride, and pleas- ure, his exalted character, his pure and manly life, and we cherish the remembrance.

3. Resolved, That our sorrow is not without hope. He served his generation faithfully and well. He lived unselfish, died poor, and entered with clean hands the court of divine equity.

4. Resolved, That these resolutions be spread upon the minutes, and copies thereof sent to the daughters of the deceased.

(Signed.) R. B. LEWIS,

President Confederate Veteran Association,

Washington, D. C. (Attest.) CHAS. C. IVEY,

Secretary C. V. A. February