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for all who wore the grav, and they will 140 to answer roll-call on the other shore. Will you permit the memory of their deeds of daring, their knightly valor, their devotion to principle, to perish from off the earth, or will you take up the work when other hands shall droop and fail, and sec that they shall live in the history of coming years? True, they fought and lost, but is that all ?

Is that all? Was duty naught?

Love and Faith made blind with tears? What the lessons that they taught ? What the glory that they caught

From the onward sweeping years ?

Here are they who marched away,

Followed by our hopes and fears; Nobler never went than they To a bloodier, madder fray,

In the lapse of all the years.

Garlands still shall wreathe the swords

That they drew amid our cheers; Children's lispings, women's words, Sunshine, and the songs of birds

Greet them here through all the years.

With them ever shall abide

All our love and all our prayers. " What of them ? " The battle's tide Hath not scathed them. Lo, th.ey ride

Still with Stuart down the years.

Where are they who went away, Sped with smiles that changed to tears ?

Lee yet leads the lines of gray

Stonewall still rides down this way; They are Fame's through all the years.


Captain Parks was frequently applauded during his speech, and at its close he received quite an ovation.

Captain Stratton moved that the thanks of the camp should be extended to the distinguished speaker for his eloquent and patriotic oration, and the motion was seconded, though before it could be put Captain Alex. Archer moved to amend it so as to include the thanks of the entire audience.