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Tin- <'/, ,/erate Demi. 383

" Lo ! beyond their brave array

Freedom's august dawn appears:" Thus wr said: " The brighter day Breaks al>ove that line of gray."

Where are they these many years ?

AH our hearts went with them there,

All our love, and all our prayers; What of them ? How do they fare, They who went to do and dare,

And are gone so many years ?

What of them who went away

Followed by our hopes and fears ? Braver never marched than they, Closer ranks to fiercer fray.

Where are they these many years ?


Borne upon the Spartan shield

Home returned that brave array From the blood-stained battle-field They might neither win nor yield ;

That is all, and here are they.

That is all, The soft sky bends

O'er them, lapped in earth away; Her benignest influence lends, Dews and rains and radiance sends

Down upon them, night and day.

Over them the Springtide weaves

All the verdure of her May: Past them drift the sombre leaves When the heart of Autumn grieves

O'er their slumbers. What care they ?

What care they, who failed to win

Guerdon of that splendid day Freedom's day they saw begin, But that, 'mid the battle's din,

Faded in eclipse away ?

All is gone for them. They gave

All for naught. It was their way Where they loved. They died to save What was lost. The fight was brave.

That is all; and here are they.