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INIM 387

Valley Campaign, Jackson's, 103. Wiatt, Chaplain W. E., 16.

Volunteer Soldier, The, 103. Wilcox. Ella Wheeler, 231.

Von Browaer, Baron, 181. Wilderness. Rattle of the, 259, 339.

Wilson, Lt. Samuel, 139.

Waggaman, Colonel Eugene, loth Louisiana Winchester, Battle of, 97.

Int. miry, sketch of, 180. Wise, Barton Haxall, I, 305.

Wall, H. C., 151. Wise's Brigade, Career of, i.

Wallace, General W. H., 15. Wise, Capt. Geo. D., killed. 14.

Watterson, Henry, I. 8. Wise, Gen. Henry A . I, 186, ao6.

Washington. Colonel L. Q., 193. Wise. Gen. Peyton, Native of, 14.

Waterloo, Battle of, 219. Wright, Gen. G. J , 147.

Watkins, Major H. C., 5. Wright, Gen. H. G., 287. West Virginia Campaign, 3.

Whitakers Mill captured, 4. Yorktown, Defense of, 155. White Horse, Incident of the officer on the, 105. Young, Gen. P. M. B., Tribute to, 146 ; his de- Whiting, Gen. W. H. C., 10, 215. fense of Savannah, 150.