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118 Southern Historical Society Papers.

I confined myself and my knowledge of battles to regimental and brigade lines.

Now that we are afoot and fairly on our way, it might be well to furnish a roster of the regiment, which was as follows:

Randall Gibson, Colonel; Aristide Gerard, Lieutenant-Colonel; Anatole P. Avegno, Major; King, Adjutant.

First Company, Governor's Guards Auguste Cassard, Captain; Charles Richard, First Lieutenant; Victor Mossy, Second Lieuten- ant; Victor Olivier, Junior Second Lieutenant.

Second Company, Governor's Guards J. Fremaux, Captain; B. Bennett, First Lieutenant; C. H. Luzenburg, Second Lieutenant; Charles Hepburn, Junior Second Lieutenant.

Third Company, Governor's Guards Bernard Avegno, Captain; St. Leon Deetez, First Lieutenant; Henry Castillo, Second Lieuten- ant; Eugene Lagarique, Junior Second Lieutenant.

Fourth Company, Governor's Guards M. O. Tracey, Captain; Hugh H. Bein, First Lieutenant; Eugene Blasco; Second Lieuten- ant; George W. Boylon, Junior Second Lieutenant.

Fifth Company, Governor's Guards Lee Campbell, Captain; John M. King, First Lieutenant; f. B. Sallaude, Second Lieutenant; Norman Story, Junior Second Lieutenant.

Sixth Company, Governor's Guards W. Dubroca, Captain; John McGrath, First Lieutenant; A. M, Dubroca, Second Lieuten- ant; Robert Cade, Junior Second Lieutenant.

St. Mary Volunteers Thomas G. Wilson, Captain; James Mur- phy, First Lieutenant; H. H. Strawbridge, Second Lieutenant; Adolph Dumartrait, Junior Second Lieutenant.

Gladden Rifles William A. Metcalf, Captain; John W. Labuisse, First Lieutenant; Walter V. Crouch, Second Lieutenant; E. B. Musgrove, Junior Second Lieutenant.

Southern Celts Stephen O'Leary, Captain; John Daly, First Lieutenant; E. J. Connolly, Second Lieutenant; John Dooley, Junior Second Lieutenant.

Norton Guards George W. Norton, Captain; M. Hunly, First Lieutenant; A. S. Stuart, Second Lieutenant; George Cammack, Junior Second Lieutenant.

J. M. Parker, Sergeant Major.

Colonel Gibson, a graduate of Yale, wealthy, refined and polished by travel and association with the most famous men of the day, served as Colonel or Brigade Commander from the firing of the first gun until the battle-torn and stained flags of the regiments were