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122 Southern Historical Society Papers.

Thomas J. Hines, died from wounds. R. C. Haskins. R. E. Haskins.

E. M. Harris. Robert Hitchcocks. W. H. House, dead.

William Hagood, died in service.

John Hagood, killed at Gettysburg.

George Harrison, captain; dead.

D. J. Johnson.

Adolphous Johnson, color corporal; killed at Gettysburg.

Richard Johnson.

John R. Jolly.

George H. Jolly, dead.

John S. Kelly.

James W. Kelly, died in service.

R. P. Kirkland, dead.

J. M. Kirkland, wounded at Gettysburg.

W. J. Kirkland.

S. E. Lanier.

John Laird, died in service.

B. W. Lashley.

Peter Laird, died in service.

F. E. Lewis, dead.

Richard Lewis, substitute; died in prison; was captured at Get- tysburg; when ordered to surrender, turned to Captain Latane", and said : ' ' Captain, what must I do ? "

W. M. Manning.

George E. Michael, wounded at Suffolk and Gettysburg.

George W. Mitchell.

T. B. Maclin, wounded at Gettysburg; killed on retreat from Pe- tersburg, 1865.

J. H. Maclin.

S. J. Morrison, dead.

Richard E. McCoy, drummer.

George Nicholson, dead.

O. H. Nicholson, dead.

Algernon Nicholson, dead.

James M. Northington, dead.

John H. Newton, sergeant, dead.

M. A. Orgain.