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124 Southern Historical Society Papers.

Adolphous Johnson, one of the color guards at Gettysburg, was killed upholding his flag. He was the last one of the guards to carry the colors and bore them to the Stone-wall.

Fenton (L. Fenton) Williams was only in two battles of the war Seven Pines and Gettysburg. He was severely wounded at Seven Pines, and was sent to a hospital, where he contracted smallpox. He was killed in the first day's service, after leaving the hospital, in battle at Gettysburg.

The following is an extract from a letter received by the writer from Captain John L. Latane, who commanded our company:

"My opinion of the men as soldiers of the old 'Brunswick Guards ' cannot be too strong in words of praise, for, as I said on a former occasion, they were never called on to perform any duty, day or night, that was not done most cheerfully, without a murmur or complaint, entirely subject to discipline, and to a man, as far as I can remember, they did what was ordered by those in authority. When I forget them and their deeds of heroism, may a just and righteous God forget me! "

This roll was made out from memory.


P. S. Private James H. Hali was severely wounded in the face; the bullet entered the corner of his mouth, passed through and tore the end of the tongue, and was taken out from under the ear. He has the bullet to this day.

Some question was raised by the surgeon as to the advisability of removing the lacerated part of the tongue, but they, thinking he would die, failed to work fast enough for him, so he got hold of a pair of scissors and did the surgery himself.