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10 Southern Historical Society Papers.

ized by you, with the city of Anderson, for the exchange of our 7 per cent, bonds, not yet due, for a new issue of 5 per cent, twenty- year bonds, has been fully completed.

The difference of interest, to the maturities of the bonds, amounted to $1,420, and the total sum of principal and interest was $16,420.

Sixteen bonds, numbered from i to 16, of $1,000 each, and four hundred and twenty dollars in cash, were duly received and turned over to the Treasurer.

This cash, and the surplus cash on hand, authorized a deposit of $1,000, with the Chicora Bank, at Pelzer, S. C, interest at 5 per cent, semi-annually.

The total fund now stands at $17,000, and the annual income, $850. It is the only permanent Confederate benefaction in all the vSouthland!

As in all human probability this is the last service of moment I can expect to render to the corps, I enclose the letters and papers in my hands, to be in the hands of the Secretary; and with every good wish for the future of the W. L. I., and the expression of my high regards for each of you personally, I remain,

Your very obedient servant,

WM. A. COURTENAY, Chairman.


in honor of the dead of the W. L. I., stands in Washington Square, is 45 feet high, and bears, in a bronze panel, this pathetic inscrip- tion

"At every board a vacant chair,

Fills with quick tears some tender eye,

And at our maddest sports appears

A well loved form that will not die.

We lift the glass, our hand is stayed;

We jest, a spectre rises up;

And, weeping, though no word is said,

We kiss and pass the silent cup."

This shaft commemorates

The patience, fortitude, heroism,

unswerving fidelity to South Carolina,

and the sacrifices of