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274 Southern Historical Society Papers.


Avery, Private John W. Brewer, Private Jesse. Butler, Private I. A. Crump, Sergeant George R. Delbridge, Private Joseph. Delbridge, Private William. Edwards, Private Joseph. Finn, Private D. B. Ferguson, Lieutenant Erastus. Hall, Private Jesse. Harrison, Private N. L. ; wounded. Howard, Private A. W. Jean, Private J. L. Jones, Private John J. Johnson, Private Samuel. Lee, Private George W. Manson, Lieutenant J. R. Moore, Private Joseph. Newsom, Private George W. Phillips, Private Deb. M. Phillips, Private James W. Pollard, Private George W. Pepper, Sergeant Joseph H. Rook, Private B. S.

Rose, Private .

Rook, Private James M. Talley, Private William T. Welton, Private James L. Williams, Private . Woodruff, Sergeant Marcellus G.

COMPANY " K " PETERSBURG ARCHER RIFLES. Burton, Private William. Fuqua, Private Robert; killed. Huddleston, Private R. F. Litchford, Sergeant; mortally wounded. Mann, Private William. Richardson, Sergeant Thomas Emmett. Stringer, Private John; killed. Phillips, Private James.