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Confederate Drug Conditions. 177

physicians during the war in large quantities, in most of the instan- ces being the only medicines of the kind to be had:


Columbo, Quassia Yellow root, Spanish flies, po- tato bugs, powdered leaves of butternut.

Jalap Wild Jalap, Mulberry bark,

Butternut, Dock, Wild potato vine, Amer. Columbo.

Quinine and Peruvian Bark Tulip tree bark, Dogwood, Cot- ton-seed tea, Chestnut root and bark, Thoroughwort, Spanish oak bark, Knob grass, Willow bark.

Digitalis Blood-root, Wild cherry, Pip-

sissiwa, Bugle weed, Jasmine.

Conium American hemlock.

Opium , American hemlock, Mother- wort.

Sarsaparilla Wild Sarsaparilla, Soapwort,

Yellow parilla, China briar, Queen's delight.

Chamomile Dogwood.

Flaxseed Watermelon seed.

Gum Arabic Low mallows, apple, pear and

quince gum, Balm, Water- melon seed.

Ergot Cotton-root.

Guaiacum Boxwood, Poke, Prickly ash.

Ipecac Wild Jalap, Carolina hipps.

Mezereon Prickly ash.

Kino and Catechu Cranesbill.

Senna Wild Senna.

Colocynth ...Alum-root.

Tannin Smooth sumac.

Olive oil Peanut oil, Beech-nuts oil,

Cotton-seed oil.

Laudanum Hops, Mother-wort.

Acacia Slippery elm bark, Sassafras