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The Twelfth Alabama Infantry. 193


By ROBERT E. PARK, Late Captain Company E, 12th Alabama.

[This compilation toward a sketch of the history of this gallant regiment, its organization, associations, engagements, casualties, etc., consists of extracts from the War Diary of Robert Emory Park, late Captain of Company "F," with other materials con- tributed and collected by him.

A portion of the War and Prison Diary covering the period January 27, 1864, June 15, 1865, appeared as a serial in the Southern Historical Society Papers, Vols. I, II, III, (1876-7), at the request of the former Secretary of the Society, Rev. J. Wil- liam Jones, D. D., who in prefatory note commends "its value in that it records the daily experience of the men who followed our distinguished leaders, and gives the impressions made upon the mind of an intelligent young soldier as he discharged his daily duty."

An earlier portion of the Diary, January, 1863, January 27, 1864, with account of the battles of Chancellors ville, Gettysburg, Warrenton, Bristow Station, Mine Run, the march into Mary- land and Pennsylvania, and reminiscences of the battle of Seven Pines, etc., appeared in Vol. XXVI. Its preservation was fortui- tous, having been lost on the field of battle. It was returned in a somewhat mutilated condition in 1888 by Mrs Vine Smith, of Lebanon, N. H., to Capt. Park.

The prime value of contemporaneous record is indisputable, but the ingenuous Diary of this devoted and conscientious young soldier is in its convincing verity as the instantaneous photograph of passing events.

Capt. Park has proven himself in maturer years as progressive, public-spirited and successful as a citizen as he was gallant and faithful as a soldier. He was called to the responsible trust of Treasurer of the State of Georgia in October, 1900, and will doubt- less retain it by general acclaim whilst he lives. The reverential spirit abides with him.

He is an active participant in the Reunions of Confederate Vet-