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The Twelfth Alabama Infantry. 199

B. Reily, at Gettysburg.

John Camuy, at Boonsboro.

William Muldoon, at Spotsylvania.

The following parties connected with this fine company should be recorded:

Sergeant W. M. Wilson. Was transferred to the navy in 1861, and died in Mobile, Ala., in 1882.

Corporal E. Pettit. Was transferred and killed in Tennessee in 1863.

John Perry. Transferred to navy in 1862, and was with Ad- miral Semmes on the Alabama in the sea fight with Kearsage.

J. A. McCreary. Surrendered with the army at Appomattox, and joined the United States army after the war and was killed on Plains.

I would add the following names as having been transferred from this company to the Confederate navy:

Angelo Eldridge. Died in Mobile September 20, 1902.

Edward Martin. Died in Mobile in 1887.

Thomas Hansel.

Thomas Martin. Died in Mobile in 1888.


Captain J. H. Bradford was quite an old man, more than sixty years of age, wholly unacquainted with the duties of a Drill Mas- ter or of a Captain and soon resigned.

Captain John C. Goodgame, promoted from Orderly Sergt. to Captain, thence to Major and Lieut. Col. This gallant officer was killed after the War at Athens, Texas, being assassinated in his own house through an open window. He was Sheriff of his county.

Captain Henry W. Cox, promoted from First Lieut. , killed at Chancellorsville.

Captain Pat Thomas, promoted from First Lieut., killed at Ap- pomattox.

First Lieut. Thomas Marbury, promoted from Second Lieut. Obtained a substitute and resigned, but with his resignation in his pocket, he went into the battle of Chancellorsville, and fought gal- lantly through it, escaping unwounded.

Second Lieutenants; Wm. Leonard.