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The Twelfth Alabama Infantry. 201

war, represented Albama as a Democrat in the Legislature, was president of the Hebrew congregation of his city, and in 1895 he moved to St. Louis, Mo., where he soon became a prominent busi- ness man and highly esteemed citizen, becoming president of a Hebrew congregation in that city, and maintaining a reputation as a man of culture, refinement, integrity and rare business capacity. He died in 1900 greatly lamented.


First Lieutenant A. Scheuerman.

Second Lieutenant E. Karcher. Lieutenant Karcher was a native of Germany and was a Jew. He was a gallant soldier, and aiter the war became Lieutenant of Police of Mobile, Ala., where he died, esteemed as an excellent citizen, only a few years ago.

Second Lieutenants A. Eichom, F. Mumme.


Captain John Canty Brown, promoted to major; resigned; died in Florida.

Captain Exon Tucker; killed at Sharpsburg.

Captain James T. Davis; killed at Gettysburg. This last brave officer, with his company, was resting by a fence as we approached Gettysburg, and under heavy fire of the enemy's artillery, when a cannon ball ricochetted, struck him in the head and instantly trans- lated him to a better world. His brains spattered over me and my companions near by, and the experience was a most distressing one.


Captain R. W. Higgins. This officer lived at Larkinsville, Ala., where he practiced law, and died soon after his resignation of his command. He died of consumption in November, 1861.

Captain L. D. Patterson. He was elected from private by unan- imous vote of the company, and commanded it until April, 1862, when he was elected lieutenant-colonel of the regiment and im- mediately resigned his commission and returned to Alabama. He was a teacher of fine reputation. He died on the 2oth December, 1885.

Captain William L. Meroney. He was promoted to succeed Captain Patterson, and resigned one year later and returned to Alabama and resumed his practice as a physician. He died in Comanche, Tex., in 1904.