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The Twelfth Alabama Infantry. 209

Lud Hall, at Boonsboro.

Wm. Halbrooks, at Gaines Mill.

Sam Heflin, at Seven Pines.

Wyatt Martin, at Snicker's Gap.

Dick Priddy, at Seven Pines.

Carrol Ryan, at Gettysburg.

Jas. Ryan, died of wounds in Richmond hospital.

Nath. Smith, at Seven Pines.

Jourdan Waid, at Seven Pines.

The following died since the war:

J. L. Box, assassinated; J. H. Burt, Wm. Campbell, died in hos- pital at Richmond; Sim Garrett, J. R. Herring, died in hospital; Jesse Herring, Andrew Jenkins, Jack Little, J. Lemons, S. Lassi- ter, John McAnear, Dow Prater, Mac. Rominez, John Rominez, R, Ward, Frank Woods.

Private J. F. Winds obtained asubstitue. Joined General Rod- dy's cavalry. Was elected lieutenant-colonel. Since died.


Captain Wm. T. Walthall, John J. Nicholson, E. H. Jones.

First Lieutenans John J. Nicholson, L. Walthall, afterwards Quarter Master for a short time.

Second Lieutenants E. H. Jones, J. O. Patton.

This Company was organized in June, 1861, left Mobile for the front July 4th, 1861.

First Lieutenant Nicholson became captain in May, 1862, on the resignation of Capt. Walthall. The latter was an accom- plished teacher and scholar, and for a long time connected as editor with the Mobile Register. He assisted President Jefferson Davis in the preparation of his wonderful book, "The Rise and Fall of the Confederate States."

This company was composed largely of young men who were employed around the wharves of Mobile and connected with the steamships and boating. They had a peculiar uniform of dark gray with blue trimmings.

Bruce R. Davis, of this company, was for some time the sergeant major of the regiment and a very bright man, who wrote a Very beautiful hand.

Among the privates of the company was Edward W. Pettus, who bore the same name as the present United States Senator